Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Potatoe Peels

I loved that book Diane, it was humorous, informative, sad, colorful, full of great characters and a real joy to read.  At first I had a bit of trouble keeping everyone straight but it wasn't long before I knew them well.  The letters are amazing.  How great that you were able to meet one of the authors.

Leah's idea is great. I've often thought I would try to read a certain list of books but I always end up deviating from the list :)  Off & on for the last couple of years, I've tried to follow along with my local library's book club, reading the books though not always attending the meeting.  I find that I must not experience books like most of the people in the book club because some of the conversations left me puzzled......wondering if we'd read the same book!!  But I have definitely read and enjoyed books that I would not have chosen for my personal "to read" list because of the book club.

A friend of mine is knitting a different hat pattern each week this year, 52 hats for donation by years end.  Isn't  that cool, I want to try it.  All these great ideas, not always enough time.....


  1. Another "letter" book we have read was "The Wednesday Letters". Liked it too but not as much as potato peel.


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