Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conway Cradle Care hat appeal update!

If you are contributing hats to the Conway Cradle Care service project, I hereby invite you to become honorary members of the class!

We have our own Ravelry group, Craft Wisely.  After debriefing our Craft-In and doing some planning for the Cradle Care Christmas party with the students today, I've started a thread in that group to keep a running count of the hats being made and contributed.

Please stop by and list the hat or hats that you are contributing, whether it is done or in progress or even just planned.  If things change, just edit your post (preferably to add more hats!).

That will allow all of us to see how the project is progressing.  I'll update the thread header with a ballpark figure of how many hats (and what types) are needed once I hear back from the organization's leaders about their current client list.

My students are so inspired and humbled thinking of the folks around the country they've never met working alongside them.  I've introduced you to them in my last post -- now come by, post your hats, and let them welcome you in person!

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