Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exciting event for my project

I am actively involved in a local historical awareness project, Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways (PKP) and we just had our name (webpage) show up in a You Tube video promoting the PA Wilds!!  I know, if you blink, you'll miss it but check out the video anyway, it is awesome!

Look for the turquoise and brown colored webpage at the 4:44 mark and if you would like to learn more about the project, check out the webpage


Saturday, September 17, 2011

The box is off!

Ah, Dish Rag Tag!  Brings back such good memories of the outstanding team and wonderful experience we had last year, doesn't it?  I thought I'd pop in and post because I just knit my bit for Team 6, Purls Gone Wild, and will mail out the box tomorrow.

Coralee, Diane, Leah, Latina, Gayle ... I miss you all!
My team is wonderful but there will never be anything like the camaraderie we developed in Five Alarm Fire. Never, I say!  Good luck to everyone in the race (but better luck to my team!) and I hope your memories are as fond as mine.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waiting to be.....

It's cold in PA this evening, 47, our first frost is a real possibility.  The cool air caused me to look around when I drove up the driveway tonight.  The clematis I bought two weeks ago is still waiting to be planted in it's new home.  The windows that I finally painted for my potting shed are still waiting to be washed and installed.  The 8 bags of mulch under the deck are waiting to be allocated and emptied on the appropriate areas.  Waiting to be, waiting to be, waiting to be.........holy cow, that's a lot waiting to be done.  This happens every year round this time, always think you'll get to it, we'll finish that tomorrow or that won't take long and before you know it, it is scramble time.  I have "HOME" noted on the calendar for this entire weekend.  Since I was away (perhaps that's part of the waiting backup:)) last weekend, it appears I'll have plenty to do this weekend.  Nothing really overwhelming, just lots of little, "gotta get this finished before winter" projects.  I work better under pressure, my planning & organizing self kicks in and I get things........well, written down at least!!  Kidding, have a positive outlook for the weekend, maybe even pictures by Monday.  Keep warm ya'll!

Monday, September 12, 2011

#3 :)

The remainder of today at retreat was interesting.  A few times I had tears in my eyes for others, well, maybe some for me too, but mostly others.  Sharing feels good in the right environment.  What you see below is my Interior Self as a SoulCollage.  This activity hit me hard, I can't take my eyes off it.  Not sure if it's because

1. I created something
2. It really speaks to me, even though I'm not exactly sure what it says
3. I want to know what it means; what made me choose these pictures.

I'm an artist....NOT, but it was an amazing experience!
Our facilitator, Sr. Carolyn, provided a piece of cardstock, scissors, glue sticks and a table full of images.  Images of anything and everything cut from magazines, greeting cards, wrapping paper, etc. along with extra magazines, store sale flyers, anything with words and images, black & white and color.  We were asked to summon your Interior Self, approach the table and take anything that appealed to you.  The only instructions NO THINKING or planning or organizing allowed---just do it!  Let your Interior Self take over, free yourself of control.
Most likely you do not know me, so let me assure you, those few words strike fear in this girl's heart!!  I am a planner to the nth degree, so much so that I often fail to accomplish my tasks because I spend so much time planning and organizing.  But in my own defense, when I do get it done, it's permanent.
As I looked around the room at 19 other "Interiors" the results were amazing to see. I looked at each one individually, found some that felt like me and others that made me wonder....  Sr. Carolyn said it might be years before we know what spoke to us in each image or we may feel the connection right now.  As time passes, these same images may represent something completely different to us.
Either way, right now, all I know for sure, I'm framing it when I get home.

I'm on a roll again, twice in one day!

Yesterday I arrived at Olmsted Manor for the Fall Women's Spiritual Retreat, featuring a book by Sr. Joan Chittister entitled "The Monastery of the Heart".  The catch phrase, "Are you a seeker?" did it's job bringing me here and I'm already pleased.  The gist of the retreat... are you looking for a more meaningful spiritual life in today's world?  Last nights session already paid big dividends for me aside from the nice room below and no work for a day and a half.
My room and work space, so nice!
It is amazing to me when often the answers you seek are before you, you just can't see them for looking.  You never know what words or phrases will bring home the meaning of the moment. This is what I received from last night---
Learning a new hobby or craft requires you to devote time and effort to improve your technique and your understanding of the chosen pursuit.  Why would I not apply those same principles to knowing my God and myself???
Holy that simple or what!
Breakfast is calling...more later, maybe a third post today....WooHoo!

Great niece Alivia

Several weeks ago I promised to post pictures of my new great niece, here they are, finally.  I would have posted sooner but Verizon has been unable to repair my internet problem for 31 days!!  I brought my laptop with me on a little trip and VOILA!  here is Alivia Lee Hoffman.
Our precious Alivia, 3 mths old yesterday.  Don't you love those lashes!

Mommy & Aliva.  On Saturday Mommy ran her first 5 K since Alivia's birth.

All tuckered out at Pizza Hut, GA Corsy was honored to be the chosen resting spot!