Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holy Cow what a day

This is what I posted to FB a few minutes ago........
‎4whlr is running, ready to transport me to.... the wood pile!! Throwing wood down the chute for a bit, quick stop at craft show, I said quick!!, post office, WalMart, Humane Society for feline nailcutting lesson and then pick up MIL for the afternoon. Maybe not so quick stop at JoAnn Fabrics, Sam's Club and recycle center, not much more I can squeeze in.....except fixing supper, laundry, paying bills, etc :)
AND hopefully before the lights go out, knitting to top off a productive busy day.....icing on the cake:)

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  1. oh my! you made me tired just reading that! I am going to look for you on facebook.


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