Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yarn Miracle's The Swap of Discontent

Just over one year since I posted last-- WOW -- I wonder where the time went.  I hope I enjoyed at least some of it!

Participated in a fun knitters swap with the Yarn Miracle gang and I received my box of goodies today.
Pleasant surprise after a long day working on quarterly tax returns.  I'm excited, wouldn't you be !?!

I commented over at Yarn Miracle that my swap partner must have been lurking in the corners  at my home; if she wasn't how did she know exactly what to send me??   Quick rundown -- a variety of tea and cocoa, cider and cappuccino packets, skinny cow chocolate snacks, Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup recipe, knit bookmark, Chicken Run movie, pattern for a cowl - Quilted by Kiwiyarn Knits and Sunrise Fiber Co. Cloud DK in Amethyst and a lovely stitch marker.

I'm not a coffee drinker.  I drink hot cocoa but tea is my warm drink of choice.  Purple is my FAVORITE color. I  love to read and said to someone just last week--"You can never have too many bookmarks."  I went to see Chicken Run at least twice at the theater; I laughed more each time, loved it.  I have three crock pots and use one at least once a week, especially this time of year.  I've been trying to get in better shape, treadmill walking only, at this time--skinny cow is certainly appropriate :)  The pattern reads nice, I may start this weekend as we are planning a trip to Pittsburgh.  The yarn is 40% baby alpaca, 40% wool and 20% silk and did I mention I love purple!!!

The excitement of the evening has me totally worn out, I need a cup of tea and the book beside my chair.
Thanks swap partner, I'm totally overwhelmed <3