Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kip Winger

I attended a Kip Winger (solo) show with my brother Russell on Friday night at the Soft Rock Cafe, Centerville, OH, near Dayton. We collectively traveled 670 miles to be there, my brother from IL and myself from PA.  It was an acoustic show and we were fortunate to have a table close to the stage. Kip talked and interacted with the crowd all night. The highlight of the evening, my brother (who is jumping up & down, shouting "I'll do it!!") is randomly picked from the crowd to go up on stage and sing with Kip!
Finally a picture for this post!!
My brother is a natural entertainer.  He told jokes while Kip tuned his guitar and then he and Kip practiced some 'hairband' moves, with the crowd laughing and clapping in appreciation. When they finally got around to singing, they sang Miles Away and my brother rocked it!  It was totally cool watching my brother be a rock star :) 
Unfortunately, Russell didn't give me any notice of his intentions, I did not have a camera to take even one picture!  Very disappointed about that but he (who is social media savvy) is checking to see if any one else who attended Friday night might have photos to share.  Keeping my fingers crossed!
We sure enjoyed the night and we definitely created a great memory.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What a guy!

There are days and sometimes weeks when nothing goes right, your truck breaks down not once but twice in one week, you can't find the bill payment check that you just wrote, you gain instead of lose, reverse stops working on your sewing mac
hine and your chin has a zit as big as a quarter. You're going to be away from home for several days. When you finally get to your motel room, open your laptop and get ready to work into the wee hours, you find this and the dam breaks, you can't hold back the tears anymore and at the moment you don't want to because you're so thankful for your wonderful husband -- the tears transition from frustration to joy and the world seems right again. At least for a few minutes :) I'm blessed.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I won!!

Emily, everyone's favorite Dish Rag Tag inventor, over at Yarn Miracle has been educating the knitting community about some amazing yarns and related Eco-friendly practices.  Each month with her Mindful Fiber post, she graciously offers a give away to a lucky follower, randomly chosen from those who leave her a comment.  Yours truly won in September!!
This photo does not do the color justice.  I would describe it as a softly muted teal.  Morehouse  Farm describes it as  Silver Birch.  Either way it's beautiful and I was thrilled to win, Thank You again Emily!
If you don't already follow Emily at Yarn Miracle, please take some time to read her Mindful Fiber posts.  You won't be disappointed.  I've gathered all the Mindful Fiber posts here for your pleasure.  Who knows, if you comment in October, you might be the lucky winner !!  Good Luck.

Mindful Fiber - Begins

One down, ??? to go

I think back in February I mentioned that I had not finished one of Marty's Christmas presents for 2011 :(
I was looking through pictures today and found a photo of him with the finished gift.  He really likes it and it felt good to finish it and see him enjoy it.  I did actually finish this back in March, it's not an early Christmas present for 2012 ;-p
I made this blanket about 7 ft in length to make sure Marty is entirely covered when he's stretched out on the couch, plus has a little to snuggle around his neck.
This time of year, before we start our wood burner, our basement room is a bit chilly; this is the best keep you toasty blanket we have. That double layer of fleece really holds in the heat!