Saturday, January 12, 2013

Company Christmas Party DELAYED

Finally came to post something in the New Year and saw my last post....didn't.  So now it did :)

Just got home from and really enjoyed this year's party.  Seemed so much more fun than past years.  Sitting here wondering why?  Several reasons I think.

  1. I finished the tasks assigned to me sooner than 5 minutes before I had to be there.
  2. I actually talked to the people at my table.  Not that I haven't talked at past parties but it's usually just idle chit chat.  Tonight we all talked, laughed and shared opinions.  Laughed with each other about the dumb things we watch on TV.
  3. Welcomed new employees and their spouses.  Spent time talking and getting to know them, especially the female side.  I am the only female employee, the other 26 are men.  I'm happily married and try to show that right up front.
It was a really nice party, I ended up with a present I liked and I think I'll go again next year :)