Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Decorating Agreement

We moved into a new home almost 12 years ago (WOW) after living in a single wide trailer for over 15 years.  Nearly every wall in the trailer was covered with testaments to the hunting prowess of my beloved husband Marty.  I grew up with hunters, so this decorating theme seemed normal but I did pine for at least a corner to call my own.
I had big plans for the new house!  We agreed that Marty could do whatever he wanted on the walls in the basement and I could do whatever I wanted on the walls upstairs.  This agreement has worked very well.  One small problem, Marty's walls are covered with many interesting things

 and my walls are basically bare!!  Turns out a corner is about all I can handle :)
I had the walls painted in  Fall 2011.  Prior to that, there were some pictures on the walls and I was adding things I liked as I found them.  I had big plans again, even posted a few pictures.

Here I am a year later, again trying to decorate.  It's a difficult process for me.  I don't feel gifted or comfortable in the decorating arena.  My sisters have offered suggestions and free labor but it's hard to organize an event when you don't know the expected outcome.  However, something has happened, I have a theme!!  So, I have some ideas brewing and some plans for the winter months.  I am hoping, well, praying actually, that spring with bring a better look to the upstairs!  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jack Reacher

I just read this quote from Lee Child in the Post Gazette about Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher -- "Cruise, at his core, is a character actor in the most literal sense. He really gets into a role. He understood Jack Reacher. He projected his vibe. But the only real answer to that is, go see the movie. I guarantee you will come out thinking, 'What was I worried about?'" 
I hope you're right Mr. Child!! I really enjoy the Jack Reacher series of books and Tom Cruise is not who I would have picked but I have appreciated his talent in other movies so I'll hope for the best.
Premiere in Pittsburgh 12/15, opens nationwide 12/21. 
Would love to win a pair of tickets to the premiere...imagine me on the red carpet with Tom Cruise!
I know, BIG imagination!  More likely me rolling up the red carpet after Tom Cruise walked it :)

I enjoy movies in general, recently saw Skyfall  and Flight -- highly recommend both!  I have quite a long 'want to see' list right now.--

Lincoln - a different view of a man we all know
Argo - a time in history I lived
Silver Linings Playbook -- Bradley Cooper when he's not hungover in Vegas or wherever
Anna Karenina-- like period pieces
Jack Reacher 
Life of Pi -- special effects are critically acclaimed.  One of the reasons, I loved Avatar.
The Sessions -- will make me cry and laugh
Taken 2 -- kind of iffy on #2 but like Liam Neeson
Killing Them Softly -- enjoy Brad Pitt, wish he wasn't always so ornery :)  Ray Liotta is a fave too
Any Day Now -- this will make me mad, I'm sure
Playing For Keeps -- I know but I love these kind of funny/sincere movies  Love Rules!