Thursday, November 4, 2010

And more hats

I think all of you know about the service project being undertaken by my students this semester.  I sent you details in an e-mail shortly after our triumphant silver medal performance.  Well, today we kicked off the hat drive publicly with a Craft-In on our university's campus.  Here are some pictures from the event!


We wanted to make a visual statement, so we collected all the handmade items members of the class had on hand and hung them on a series of clotheslines.


Some students did research on teen pregnancy and developed a fact sheet. We put the facts on slips of paper and pinned them to the knitted and crocheted objects, so browsers would be educated as they enjoyed the handwork.


We knitted and crocheted on the courtyard all morning in force. Several passersby asked for impromptu lessons. Many more asked if the items were for sale. We got a few spontaneous donations (that wasn't part of our plan!).

Group portrait

If you are joining us in this project by knitting hats for the clients of Conway Cradle Care -- for teens, female and unisex, and for babies up to two years old -- these are the students you're crafting alongside. Their spirit of service was evident in this morning's event. And they're already inspired knowing that people they've never met care enough to be a part of this effort at a distance. Thank you in advance!


  1. Great job and the pictures are wonderful!!!!

  2. LOVE it!!

    I just sealed up the envie with two hats (baby and mama). Will go to you tomorrow. I love getting to meet your class, thank you.


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