Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, everything is cleaned up, put away and life has moved from Christ's birth to the birth of the New Year 2012.  Best wishes to all.

I did make my Christmas cards but not as early as I said I would, 12/23!!  But it worked out in the long run because at the last minute, my sisters decided that we'd do a gift card (hey, that was my idea!) grab bag this year.  So instead of making gift card holders, I just made regular Christmas cards.  I really enjoyed doing it and I can see myself making more and more cards.......is there a market for homemade cards??  I rarely see them at craft shows or in gift shops. Cards are so personal, it would be hard to make a wide enough variety of cards to be profitable.  Maybe if I specialized in one type of card, say birthday or thank you or get well...guess I'll think about it.  And of course it would be good to have a large stock of cards before I start offering to sell them......cart before the horse, oops!
Anyway, a few pictures
The work space, if you can really call it that.....not much space :)

This blue card is my favorite.  The paper already had little star bursts on it, I added some gems in random centers and it just sparkled!  I'm a silver (not gold) loving gal,so the blue, white and silver mix was just over the top for me.  I should have taken a photo of the inside, I added a large snowflake flourish, it was stunning!

I love cute snowmen.

I gave this one to my youngest sister, who is very talented in many areas--decorating ,sewing, personal appearance, etc. She raved about it on Christmas day  which made my day and again when I saw her several days later.
Guess she liked it!!
There were others but didn't want to be too self promoting.  I think I've found a hobby that I enjoy and that produces successful results.  Watch out Hallmark :)

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  1. My hobby is scrapbooking. You have a talent with the card, very nice!!


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