Thursday, January 5, 2012

It happens

But why in this case?  Everyone makes  a mistake, little things slip through the cracks and no one catches it right away.  I understand that and empathize.  I'm sure, in fact I know, I've done the same thing.  I'm a very understanding and easy going person, I'll give anyone the benefit of a doubt.
It's a standing joke with Marty and I; he's always teasing me about sticking up for everyone, " you'd invite Charles Manson to Thanksgiving dinner"......that's a bit of a stretch but I do extend invitations easily.  And on my side of the joke, his glass of water is always half I guess that's why we're a good team.  But I digress.
I have to admit when Family Medicine called to say my test from last week had been botched, someone forgot to send in both parts, I was a bit peeved.  So I'm headed there now to have another.......PAP test!!!
Hope your day is starting better than mine is :)


  1. THAT TOTALLY SUCKS! It's bad enough to go through it once a year, but to do it TWICE in one year! {cringe} Hope you day gets better!!!

  2. Well, by golly, whoever did that should NOT be invited to Easter dinner. Just saying.


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