Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter...finally or not?

I've been shoveling snow for the past hour; we received about 10" on our hilltop in the past 24.  I have a large, wrap around one corner deck, on my home.  I love this big deck in the summer but not so much in the winter.  I wanted the big deck.  The agreement was stated "Then you keep it shoveled in the winter."  Mid July when we built the deck 11 years ago, I said no problem.  Fool. Opened mouth before engaging brain!!  It's not a hard job and most of the time I enjoy shoveling it, really, I like being outside.  I like the closeness of nature on my hill and the quietness on my hill, which was the main reason I wanted the deck in the first place.  But the darn thing just won't stay clean this time of year :)  Kind of like the lawn won't stay mowed in the summer, or the flower and vegetable gardens won't stay weeded and the car won't stay clean.... anytime!!
Repetitive work builds character, provides time for introspection, right?  Well, I've had enough personal development for today; it's time for football!


  1. I haven't had to shovel YET! I'm sure it will be my turn soon!
    I have to ask though, why the need to shovel the ENTIRE deck? I usually shovel a path for the dogs so they can go do their duty. I don't mind shoveling snow too much either. I like being outside (as long as I am warm). Enjoy your football and drink some coca!

  2. The deck is also the roof over the walkway into our basement. The snow melts down through the decking which makes everything underneath wet. We did build a roof under the deck to direct the water toward the outer edges but if I don't shovel the entire deck, it's almost like a stream underneath. That's life :)


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