Tuesday, January 17, 2012

T-shirts that talk

Last night, I was reading blogs.........shock@!
One of my favs, Not Just A Hockey Mom, was talking about hockey fan/player T-shirts.  The topic specific lingo and humor may only  appeal to and be humorous to those involved but others can be appreciated by all who read them.  I commented about how many activities have their own fan lingo and humor.   Here are couple of mine that I could find quickly.....

My sister saw this card and knew it was for me.  Not saying I've  ever done what it describes......but  it sure made  me and some knitting buddies laugh one night....over a bottle of wine :)

Never enough time because the pile is always growing.  B & N just sent me an email reminding me that I still have items in my shopping cart from my last late night online excursion.

My mom gave me this T-shirt and included a note that said, "Hope you think this is funny!"  I totally did and wear it proudly.
What are your hobbies, loves or other comments like pet humor that you proudly wear??


  1. My baby grandson has a shirt that says, "Man! You people are huge!"

    I love shirts that say something. My own favorite shirt says, "Don't make me get out my flying monkeys." I had a choice. I could have gotten the other shirt that said, "I have not been the same since that house fell on my sister." I love the Wizard of Oz.

    I am sorry about your friend, but you know what? I choose to believe too. I've lost a number of friends in the past year, and I've struggled with this something awful. But in the end, I decide that God knows what He's doing. I choose to believe that it is His plan. I choose to believe that He (and His plan) are good.

    1. Great grandson shirt!
      My husband's favorite shirt says -- "You can't fix stupid!" It makes him and others laugh every time he wears it.
      Thank you for your concern. God allows us our free will and like you, I find comfort in making my choice to believe. Today, yesterday or last week aren't the only times I believe but personally affirming that in my head and heart on occasion is good for my soul.


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