Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An end to vacation

I got side tracked with posting vacation photos because we lost our beloved Parker.  It seems rather like old news now but it's dreary and raining in NW PA this morning so warm sunny vacation photos seem like a good idea!  A few of my faves and that's that until the next vacation...
Acadia National Park.  The people were following a trail up the mountainside!!  You would never find me in  a picture like this!  I am not afraid of heights but the only thing that appeals to me about this type of  hike is, the view from the top :) 

We watched this loon for about an hour looking for 'her' supper.  She was swimming against the current, diving and coming up further inland each time.  It was fun to try and guess where she was going to come up.  We saw her one time with something in her mouth but the photo wasn't good enough to keep. 

Every day except one, this is the view we had from the deck on the backside of our room.   I know I mentioned this in a previous post but this spot was really our favorite.  It was quiet, we watched harbor activity and it was a fabulous way to start every day.  We started the day in a positive, relaxed mood and ended each day exhausted but glad to be back on our deck to enjoy the evening sky.

A cliff view in Acadia.  Marty took the picture and I just enjoyed the sound of the waves slapping, splashing against the rocks.  Most of that day was filled with brilliant sun and blue sky even though the temp was only in the high 50's.

This was about the 'depth' of our ventures into the water.  IT WAS COLD!  But, after you walked away from it and went back in again it wasn't as bad as the initial splash :)  There were some young adventurers actually in the water challenging the surf as it hit the beach.  Their older and smarter parents were in hoodies, sitting in lawn chairs with blankets over their bare legs :)

There are a number of these stone crossings throughout the park.  I particularly  liked this one because of the walk-thru  either side.  The talent and patience used to create these works of art amazed both of us, especially Marty because he creates a lot of stone walkways around our place.

Not sure this picture does this amazing bridge justice but it was definitely amazing.  We crossed it on our way to Acadia.  The peak of the other pillar is actually a watch tower for Fort Knox (Maine), see much better pictures
 here Penobscot Narrows Bridge & Observatory.  We thought we would have time to go up in the watch tower but the day's activities didn't go as we planned.  Next time!  There will definitely be a next time, we loved this area.

As we started across the bridge.

Our one bad day!  The sky reflecting off the water gave the entire area a very eerie feeling.     It made you feel like something bad was going to happen any moment.  Thank goodness that wasn't the case but it sure gave you pause.

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