Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dill Pickles

A bit frustrated with my camera and I truly believe it's the camera, not the operator!  I took several pictures while I was making the pickles but for some mysterious, unknown reason, only one was available on the camera card when I tried to down load them this morning.
The finished product, 4 quarts plus a few :) I commented after, I would not win a blue ribbon at the fair because my presentation was less than stellar.  I  gathered an appreciation for the fussiness needed to make a pretty jar!

Marty found a Ball Dill Pickle Mix that makes just two quarts, all you need besides cucumbers, is water & vinegar.  It was very easy and I made two batches in just over an hour.  I did the Refrigerator version; there is a regular canning option as well.  For best flavor, they have to sit in the frig for 3 weeks.  I'll give you a report when Marty tries them on 9/24.

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