Saturday, October 13, 2012

One down, ??? to go

I think back in February I mentioned that I had not finished one of Marty's Christmas presents for 2011 :(
I was looking through pictures today and found a photo of him with the finished gift.  He really likes it and it felt good to finish it and see him enjoy it.  I did actually finish this back in March, it's not an early Christmas present for 2012 ;-p
I made this blanket about 7 ft in length to make sure Marty is entirely covered when he's stretched out on the couch, plus has a little to snuggle around his neck.
This time of year, before we start our wood burner, our basement room is a bit chilly; this is the best keep you toasty blanket we have. That double layer of fleece really holds in the heat!

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