Friday, September 7, 2012

More change is good

I've been moving things around at my house, a new view of old stuff, attempting to create more simple surroundings.  Marty & I do not have children, so someone who isn't as obligated as a child would be to a parent, will be charged with taking care of my stuff.  I don’t follow trends, I don’t have a decorating theme or a coordinated color palette, I just buy things I like and usually those things are old/vintage/antique-ish.  I have discovered that the things I like, like stars, violets, baskets, quilts, table linen, lace, books; I buy, buy, buy.   
These colanders all have different arrangements and types of stars as their drain holes.
Small stack of books. At least these are on a bookshelf
I had 3 times this many baskets last summer.
 I like it, so I should take it home, right?  I’ll find some place to put it, honey :)  BIG MISTAKE!  Over time I now have all these piles, boxes, stacks, bags of stuff. Unfortunately, I buy more stuff than I can use, display, or enjoy.  Several different times I've weeded through some piles, keeping only the items that I truly adore.  Why this burst of 'let's change things around" has happened now is unknown to me and it has come at an inopportune time because garage sale season is over.  But I've resolved  that I am not storing anything until next summer, so, it's time to be ruthless!

 Do I adore it         Where can I use it         Put it there NOW      Or it's gone  

The whole process is keeping me busy at night and that keeps me from munching or eating or just sitting around which is GOOD on so many levels!!  Hope it lasts for more than a day or two, because it's helped my weight loss efforts considerably.  Onward!

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