Thursday, September 13, 2012

A first

Recently I experienced a first, meeting and speaking with a Congressman!
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Back in the day, we were taught to respect our elders and our government and at that time, WAY back when, I did.  I have always respected both categories but held the government  in a little higher esteem.  As I've aged and learned that not all those running the government are worthy of my respect, my opinions have changed. I've admired and been thankful for those who feel the calling to govern on any level but for the most part, have never had any one on one with them or a reason to reach out for assistance.
That changed 3 weeks ago because a civic group I'm involved with was experiencing some trouble.  We've been seeking funding and have been rejected numerous times for the same reason, the location of our project.  I attended a local round-table with the Congressman and voiced my disappointment.  He said, "Call me."  I did.  My group was given 45 minutes with the Congressman a week ago.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to resolve the funding issue, though he did recommend some other options that we are pursuing.  As a respectful 'boomer' I was a bit awe struck. I was amazed how 'normal' he acted and amazed at myself for being confident enough to speak my mind.  I found the whole experience to be refreshing.  But, I'm not so awestruck that I believe his genuine interest and interaction in a quiet, group setting is anything more than him doing his job or being a politician.  For now, I give him the benefit of a doubt.  I will keep this first experience on the positive side in my memory banks.
I encourage everyone to reach out to your local, state and federal legislators, attend public meetings when offered in your area and most of all, don't be afraid to speak up!

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