Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brown, really?

Normally, I am not a fan of the color brown but twice today I've been taken in by that color brown.  I'm traveling to Pittsburgh for work.  I started feeling hungry and realized I was near the exit for Pittsburgh Mills, what a coincidence ;-) Anyway, wandering through Penney's in the purse section, I found a stunning chocolate brown, kind of like a Hershey bar brown,  purse with silver embellishments.  Normally brown is accented with gold; I don't like gold so I rarely even consider a brown handbag.  BUT, this shade of chocolate was just gorgeous with all the silver and I immediately wanted to own it.  But of course, the purse was Liz Claiborne, $70.00, way, way out of my purse price range, darn it!
Now, I'm in my motel room reading blogs and see some lovely photographs of brown and white transfer ware over at Marnie Jane's . She did a wonderful job with the photographs and her arrangement of items is very appealing to me, warm and comforting somehow.
For the second time today I'm suddenly a fan of brown.  What about you, been surprised by something lately?

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  1. I was surprised when my best friend purchased me a Coach handbag for my birthday! They can be pricey, but she found an outlet and had a 30% off coupon.


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