Tuesday, November 8, 2011


At one time in my  life I was considered a pretty smart girl, graduated top 10 in my class, advanced placement, college prep classes.  Unfortunately, college never happened, the Army did and then life came along.  I know what I know, but in comparison to the tech savvy kiddos in the world now, I don't know much.  I've worked my way along, changing with the times as needed to fit my job and my life but never seeking out the next cool gizmo.
My nephew just installed a new printer for me, in about 20 minutes.  I had been reading the Quick Start Reference Guide for about a week.  I'm just not comfortable jumping in, afraid "it" will ask me something I don't understand and then I've created a mess. Now that it prints and I know everything is OK, I'm not afraid to play with it, to see what it will do, to see whether or not I can break it.  
He said I could have installed it and perhaps he's right but I just couldn't get over that first hurdle, "remove printer from box" !  I'm kidding, I did have it unwrapped and on the desk.  I also had a fan going because I hate being frustrated and sweating when I'm squeezing behind the desk trying to reach the outlet!!
I admire the youth of today, their willingness to jump in, their fearlessness, their flexible thin bodies, and their "we'll figure it out" attitudes.  But I do worry about not talking to them enough (email me), about not hugging them enough (text me) and about them not knowing the benefits of either one. So, I'll go on being the not so smart aunt; the next cool gizmo will provide another reason for a visit.

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