Wednesday, November 16, 2011

He still has baby teeth!

I have had the same dentist for 30 years.  Yesterday he told me he's going to retire this Friday; Congratulations to him and to his family, how great for them, but a little sad for me.  I'm too old to get a new dentist, too old to get a new doctor, and certainly too old to get a new mini skirt; this can't be happening!
The hygienist said she would introduce me to the new dentist.  As I start to get up out of the chair, I'm pulling myself out by grabbing on to the counter, she comes back into the room with my new dentist.  I finish standing up, I extend my hand to shake his and look up to greet him.  He might be, mind you might be, thirty years old; he must still have his baby teeth.  I'm sure the look on my face was a priceless Kodak moment; the kind with your jaw on the floor, your mind searching for coherent and appropriate words to help compensate for the look of astonishment on your face.
He was smooth though, he shook my hand, greeted me and politely asked, "Is everything OK?"  The best I could do was "Yes, pleased to meet you; we're obviously from different generations."  "Oh don't worry" he said, "I'll take good care you and your teeth, now let me help you to your wheelchair!"  I'm kidding about the wheelchair part, but I sure felt like I could have used a cane for support.   
I am likely to experience scenes like this one more frequently,  many of us "boomers" are thinking about retirement and someone has to fill the spots we leave behind.  But, I do hope that I can react in a more "age" appropriate fashion the next time; after all, I am the adult!

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