Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My trip to Northern Virginia was successful! This is not the dress she will be wearing but one of 50 dresses my daughter tried on. Yes, 50 dresses. We started out Friday going to a national bridal salon where she tried on over 35 dresses. We were there over 3 hours and my oldest daughter's hand was sore from zipping, buttoning and helping her sister in and out of the gowns. She found two possibilities but they did not have the WOW factor she was looking for. We had a fast lunch then went to a smaller salon in the town we used to live in. They had 8 gowns of interest. Again she found one that she liked but no WOW. We went back to the hotel and the girls went on the internet to continue the search. A hour later they found a salon that had several dresses she wanted to try on. We were lucky to get an appointment for the next morning. I was already making plans with my daughter to come back in two weeks and for her to take off of work so we could go dress shopping again.

Off we went to have a family dinner. It's been a long time since it was just the four of us. We talked and laughed about our day. I think being empty nesters it's what I miss the most is not having the girls around at dinner time.

Saturday morning my husband and I met the girls at the salon. Yes, my husband was brave enough to go with us the second day. We were greeted by a gentleman who was there from New York doing a trunk show for the designer. He helped my daughter pick out 7 dresses to try on. We were sitting waiting for her to come out. Then she comes out with the first one on and stands on a platform in front of the mirrors. The designer's rep came over and asked what she thought about the dress. My daughter proceeds to point out what she didn't like about it. Then he waves his hand and told her to go back and try on another dress. All three of us were surprised when he told us that if the bride finds one thing wrong with the dress then it's not the dress. She came out glowing from ear to ear with the second dress. Yes, that was the dress. She tried on the rest of the gowns but always compared it to the second dress. This dress brought tears to her dad's eyes. I'm so glad that she has her wedding dress. One dress checked off on the list. Now my daughter has to make a decision on what color the bridal party will wear so her sister and niece could get their dresses.

My oldest daughter told her son (who is age 3) that he will be ring bearer at his aunt's wedding. He told her he didn't want to be ring bearer --- he wanted to be Spiderman.

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  1. I'm happy for the success of your trip Diane! And your ending story made me laugh out loud, Art Linkletter sure had it right......Kids do say the darndest things!! Tell your grandson that Spiderman is great but being the ring bearer will be great fun too! Please be sure to post pictures as things progress.


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