Monday, January 31, 2011

Shawlette KAL

I'm trying the pictures again.  I'm about half way to 267 stitches right now.  Sitting in Buffalo with my brother, he had back surgery this morning.  The doctor was pleased with the results.  Brother is still a bit out of it, surgery was 0730, it's 2145 right now.......serious anesthesia!!

I'll post pictures of todays progress later.  I don't have the camera with me tonight.  The weather is cold in Buffalo, 10 degrees and dropping.  BAD, BAD snow coming, hope we get home safely tomorrow.


  1. nice work! so shawlette is a knitting word that is not in so what does it mean?

  2. Gayle- you're right "shawlette" is a knitting word which knitters understand to be a small shawl. The suffix "-ette" has French roots which means little one.

    Coralee how is your brother doing?


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