Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hugs are amazing things and they are so versatile.

Hey Jane, how nice to see you.  Jane smiles,  holds out her arms and walks into the arms of Dick as they warmly embrace each other. They chat for a short time, squeeze hands and then continue in separate directions to work, both smiling and feeling good as they start their day.

Hey Jane, nice to see you.  Are you OK, you look a bit sad?  Jane attempts to smile as she walks into Dick's outstretched arms and begins to cry on his shoulder. Dick holds her, pats her back, offers muffled words of encouragement and then squeezes her tight as he steps back from her.  Dick smiles, offers a bit more encouragement; Jane sucks it up, thanks him and they share another quick hug.  They separate, each one walking into their world for the day.  One may be feeling better, the other wondering about what just happened, why and what else he can do, all because of a hug.

Jane stoops down, grabs up Spot, twirls him in the air, hugs him, maybe even gives him a quick peck on top of his head. She feels love & so does Spot!

Giving love, receiving love, offering care and concern along with many other emotions, all wrapped up in one hug. Hugs are meant to be shared.....don't waste time, go find someone to hug!

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