Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm home sick today, the sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy head, can't stay awake kind of sick!  Just took some more Tylenol Cold, hoping for a little relief.  May spend the day working from home even if I do get some relief.  Easier and more productive in the long run to work in crumpled PJ's than shower, do hair, get dressed, drive to work and sleep at my desk!

Can't work but are we ever too sick to check email?  Even with Kleenex stuffed up my nose, I can read email.  Sometimes, I have to read the same sentence several times due to lack of clear focus but there is no pressure to "check it quick" and get back to work.

The sun is just starting to brighten the huge piles of snow in my back yard, making me smile at the good feeling the sight of sunshine brings.  Blink once, twice, wipe runny eyes, sure enough, there are two turkey standing in my yard.  They are unusual birds, gangly and awkward looking until they begin to walk.  It's like a switch turns on, smooth, deliberate, almost delicate back & forth motion.  They are constantly alert, surveying their surroundings for danger as they glide through the snow to the bird feeders.  I watched them eat, picking up what their wasteful smaller cousins have thrown to the ground, until the Tylenol started to kick in.  As I stood up, rather awkwardly myself, they spotted me in the window and began to run.  Hoping to hasten the escape, they jumped into the air, flapping their wings hard, begging them to get their bulky awkward bodies airborne and amazingly, succeeding. They sailed through the woods out of sight to safety.

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