Monday, January 31, 2011

Hats for Donna----finally

 Well, I finally sent Donna some hats for her Conway Cradle Care project.  I missed the cut off for the students but the group wanted to also give some hats to the faculty, so I sent these two for the cause.
 They both were very easy to knit and fun.  I haven't made a hat in quite awhile and I really enjoyed making these. Theuy got the knitting juices flowing...have made another one like the bluish colored one using the redish colored yarn and blue eyelash yarn...pretty and a bit funky looking.  I have a young friend who has laid claim to it.
I'm also working a shawlette KAL, first shawlette...I had some Koigu I purchased who knows when that fit the project perfectly.  I was going to put a picture right here but for some reason I can't to come later.


  1. Beautiful hats! And I don't know what the word is that you are working on now..I will have to look that up.

  2. Love the hats. With this cold weather they will be needed.


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