Friday, January 21, 2011

The Date Is Set

Our youngest daughter got engaged over Christmas. We were thrilled for her and the happy event was to be sometime in 2012. Then on New Year's Day, she informed us the date has been moved up to July 2011. Her fiance is from Europe and his family is coming over this summer for the first time. They wanted to get married while they were here. Now we had to find a venue, caterer, photographer, dress etc, all in a couple of weeks. It is going to be a small wedding and they wanted to get married at a winery. I don't want to tell you how many wineries I called and they visited. We were able to get the vineyard and the caterer they wanted for the one Saturday date that was open. The date is now set. The place reserved and food done. The next priority was the photographer. The one she wanted was just picked by the Washington DC Bride's Magazine as one of the top ten photographer in the area. I gave her a call and surprisingly she was available for the date. Whew, that's another checklist item done. Next comes the wedding dress.

Next week I'm going up to Northern Virginia and her sister is flying in from Ohio to help with this mission. You have to understand what shopping is like with my daughter. We have been known to go to 7 different malls in one day just for one pair of jeans that would fit her properly. I still have nightmares about those shopping trips. We only have two days to get a dress. She wants to make a appointments at 6 or 7 bridal salons. Remember how long it takes her to find a pair of jeans. My daughter has no idea what style (for example lace, beaded, plain, strapless) she wants. She is meeting with her "fashion friend" at a bridal shop to look over the inventory and get some idea on what would look good on her. That will make it easier on us. Since this will be her special day, I am going to put all those past shopping trips out of my mind and help her find the perfect dress no matter how many salons we need to go to or how many trips I have to make to Northern Virginia.


  1. I originally found this blog because of Gayle Swafford BUT it is still on my blog list so I read whenever you post!

    Congrats to your daughter and good luck with dress shopping. The dress I picked out was the second dress I tried on, which was just on a whim. I didn't like the style at all but once I put it one I knew it was the one. Tell your daughter to try some styles that she may not have envisioned, because you never know!! Happy shopping!

  2. Hey there, Ashley! Thanks for sharing such great advice.

    Diane, congratulations! Lots to do but it will work out just as it should. My husband and I got engaged at spring break and the wedding was the end of July..I am sure my mom was shaking her head, too..haha

  3. Congratulations Diane, what wonderful news all the way around. Both sets of parents in attendance, can't think of a better way for a marriage to begin! Shopping will be fun as long as you bring water, laughter and love. Be sure to take & post pictures Diane so we can enjoy too.

    Ashley--welcome to FAF, join us anytime, we're a free posting group, follow us! The same thing happened to my sister, the dress she ended up wearing was not her original choice and she looked stunning!


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