Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just To Update

Tomorrow is day FOUR of the GA ICED IN of 2011...In the twenty years we have lived here I do not remember ever having 3 days of school closings due to winter weather much less 4 and for the college daughter it is the whole week. Of course, being home schoolers this week has not been too different from any other week. However, we do meet with a co-op on Thursday so the younger daughter was holding her breath until we learned for sure that the county schools were closed tomorrow (our co-op follows the county schools in weather closings). It has taken all week but she finally gets a snow day!!! Boy, am I so ready for summer!!!!

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  1. Snow days were always fun in NW PA back in the day. Only bad thing for us, because we lived way out in the country, we were up, dressed and ready to go before we ever found out school was cancelled. Enjoy the experience, there's beauty to all around when you look for it!


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