Saturday, November 3, 2012

Marty's tabletop

My very talented husband finished the table top for his bar in the Steelers room. It looks great! It was a tedious process; it took him about a month overall. Sanding, base coat, placing and attaching decals, first coat (not perfect in his mind) second coat, cleaning up edges and reattaching to base. We haven't cleaned the top yet (sanding dust, etc) he wants to be sure it's very dry and the glaze is set. I can't wait till we can sit there to eat and watch the game.
He is so meticulous about things, which, overall, is good, but for projects like this, that trait causes him pain and agony.  This doesn't look right, that doesn't look right, the corner isn't square, the logo is crooked and on and on. Some of the things he points out are valid but really???  Bottom line, he's not going to take the chainsaw to it because the logo has bubbled!  He's going to enjoy the accolades he'll receive on Thanksgiving (always at our house) and be proud of his handiwork.  I'm proud of it and him.  I'm blessed with a husband who cares about the little things:)


  1. It is perfect… well almost… Pittsburgh Penguins BOOO! LOL! I love the table!!

    1. Sorry about the Penguins :) Only thing we have to look at so far this year, darn negotiations anyway!!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you


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