Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kip Winger

I attended a Kip Winger (solo) show with my brother Russell on Friday night at the Soft Rock Cafe, Centerville, OH, near Dayton. We collectively traveled 670 miles to be there, my brother from IL and myself from PA.  It was an acoustic show and we were fortunate to have a table close to the stage. Kip talked and interacted with the crowd all night. The highlight of the evening, my brother (who is jumping up & down, shouting "I'll do it!!") is randomly picked from the crowd to go up on stage and sing with Kip!
Finally a picture for this post!!
My brother is a natural entertainer.  He told jokes while Kip tuned his guitar and then he and Kip practiced some 'hairband' moves, with the crowd laughing and clapping in appreciation. When they finally got around to singing, they sang Miles Away and my brother rocked it!  It was totally cool watching my brother be a rock star :) 
Unfortunately, Russell didn't give me any notice of his intentions, I did not have a camera to take even one picture!  Very disappointed about that but he (who is social media savvy) is checking to see if any one else who attended Friday night might have photos to share.  Keeping my fingers crossed!
We sure enjoyed the night and we definitely created a great memory.

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