Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Grand Night for Singing

My mom and I are in Pittsburgh for our annual mother - daughter weekend.  We're late this year, normally we try to do something when the weather is still nice.  SNOWING in Pgh this  morning!!
We went to the CLO Cabaret Theater to see A Grand Night of Singing -it was a wonderful show.  We had a front row table!  We went out for a nice dinner before the show.  We played a good game of Scrabble before we turned in for the mom kicked my butt :(
During the night I could feel the temperature dropping in our room.  Got up several times to elevate the thermostat without any warmer results.  Maintenance man just came in to say, "your computer board is fried, no heat for you this morning"---- Wonderful news on this snowy morning :)
Memories from another time....almost like being a kid again.  We had very minimal heat upstairs; we'd run downstairs on cold mornings, stand over the big floor register in the kitchen, letting the heat fill our flannel nightgowns as we waited our turn in the bathroom.  Catch another blast of heat, run back upstairs, get dressed under the covers and head off to school.   It was always a circus on school mornings, 7 girls, 4 boys in our blended family.
Planning to have lunch with my niece who lives here and then head home.  If the snow keeps coming down, we might have to share the road with some 'snow crazed' drivers and that could be scary, so we'll head home early!

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