Thursday, September 15, 2011

Waiting to be.....

It's cold in PA this evening, 47, our first frost is a real possibility.  The cool air caused me to look around when I drove up the driveway tonight.  The clematis I bought two weeks ago is still waiting to be planted in it's new home.  The windows that I finally painted for my potting shed are still waiting to be washed and installed.  The 8 bags of mulch under the deck are waiting to be allocated and emptied on the appropriate areas.  Waiting to be, waiting to be, waiting to be.........holy cow, that's a lot waiting to be done.  This happens every year round this time, always think you'll get to it, we'll finish that tomorrow or that won't take long and before you know it, it is scramble time.  I have "HOME" noted on the calendar for this entire weekend.  Since I was away (perhaps that's part of the waiting backup:)) last weekend, it appears I'll have plenty to do this weekend.  Nothing really overwhelming, just lots of little, "gotta get this finished before winter" projects.  I work better under pressure, my planning & organizing self kicks in and I get things........well, written down at least!!  Kidding, have a positive outlook for the weekend, maybe even pictures by Monday.  Keep warm ya'll!

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