Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm on a roll again, twice in one day!

Yesterday I arrived at Olmsted Manor for the Fall Women's Spiritual Retreat, featuring a book by Sr. Joan Chittister entitled "The Monastery of the Heart".  The catch phrase, "Are you a seeker?" did it's job bringing me here and I'm already pleased.  The gist of the retreat... are you looking for a more meaningful spiritual life in today's world?  Last nights session already paid big dividends for me aside from the nice room below and no work for a day and a half.
My room and work space, so nice!
It is amazing to me when often the answers you seek are before you, you just can't see them for looking.  You never know what words or phrases will bring home the meaning of the moment. This is what I received from last night---
Learning a new hobby or craft requires you to devote time and effort to improve your technique and your understanding of the chosen pursuit.  Why would I not apply those same principles to knowing my God and myself???
Holy that simple or what!
Breakfast is calling...more later, maybe a third post today....WooHoo!

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