Monday, September 12, 2011

#3 :)

The remainder of today at retreat was interesting.  A few times I had tears in my eyes for others, well, maybe some for me too, but mostly others.  Sharing feels good in the right environment.  What you see below is my Interior Self as a SoulCollage.  This activity hit me hard, I can't take my eyes off it.  Not sure if it's because

1. I created something
2. It really speaks to me, even though I'm not exactly sure what it says
3. I want to know what it means; what made me choose these pictures.

I'm an artist....NOT, but it was an amazing experience!
Our facilitator, Sr. Carolyn, provided a piece of cardstock, scissors, glue sticks and a table full of images.  Images of anything and everything cut from magazines, greeting cards, wrapping paper, etc. along with extra magazines, store sale flyers, anything with words and images, black & white and color.  We were asked to summon your Interior Self, approach the table and take anything that appealed to you.  The only instructions NO THINKING or planning or organizing allowed---just do it!  Let your Interior Self take over, free yourself of control.
Most likely you do not know me, so let me assure you, those few words strike fear in this girl's heart!!  I am a planner to the nth degree, so much so that I often fail to accomplish my tasks because I spend so much time planning and organizing.  But in my own defense, when I do get it done, it's permanent.
As I looked around the room at 19 other "Interiors" the results were amazing to see. I looked at each one individually, found some that felt like me and others that made me wonder....  Sr. Carolyn said it might be years before we know what spoke to us in each image or we may feel the connection right now.  As time passes, these same images may represent something completely different to us.
Either way, right now, all I know for sure, I'm framing it when I get home.

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