Saturday, September 17, 2011

The box is off!

Ah, Dish Rag Tag!  Brings back such good memories of the outstanding team and wonderful experience we had last year, doesn't it?  I thought I'd pop in and post because I just knit my bit for Team 6, Purls Gone Wild, and will mail out the box tomorrow.

Coralee, Diane, Leah, Latina, Gayle ... I miss you all!
My team is wonderful but there will never be anything like the camaraderie we developed in Five Alarm Fire. Never, I say!  Good luck to everyone in the race (but better luck to my team!) and I hope your memories are as fond as mine.


  1. Donna, I am so with you on this. FAF was a special group of gals, what fun we had!! I'm waiting for the box, 2 more before it's my turn. This year the Round Tuit gang is struggling to communicate and support but hopefully before the end we'll get on the right track as we move from number 2 to DRT Glory. Good luck to you and all other FAF alumni :) If you get a chance in the general forum under Team Names/Get Set Go check out my "TV write up for DRT" 9/9 post. Several of us were having a little pre-tag trash talking fun. Good luck Donna, did you like the pattern?

  2. I did like the pattern, but then I really like round dishcloths in general. The finishing was unusual, what with closing up that big hole. I interpreted the directions wrong at first and thought that tugging on my end after sewing the seam would somehow close it up ... um, no, why did I think that would work? Read more carefully, Donna. Round Tuit looks like they are going great guns, so good luck to you Coralee! May you finish juuuuust after Purls Gone Wild. :)

  3. I loved the pattern this year. IM visiting all the blogs from DRT V today! im a teammate of yours from Purlsgonewild..I hope we place~!


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