Thursday, December 9, 2010

The hats are on the heads!

We gave the hats to the clients of Conway Cradle Care today. And your contributions were part of the event! It was amazing, and I wish you had all been there to see it.


Can you see the hats you made in this crappy no-flash picture, taken prior to our marathon wrapping session?


Hey, there's more over there! That's about fifty hats, people, all handmade expressly for this project.


And here's what they looked like wrapped and ready for the party!


Michael got that Cascade 220 hat Diane made, the one I really considered keeping for myself.

Loads more pictures on my blog. I didn't get pictures of all the hats with their recipients -- I was running around like a crazy person -- and some of the presents will be given later because the recipients weren't at the party. But know that every single hat (and toy!) you gave will be going to a teen mother or father, or to one of their children (a few of which will be arriving in the first few months of the new year).

Even if you didn't make a hat for this project, I owe you one. I wouldn't have invited y'all to participate if our whole team hadn't been so wonderful. The students wouldn't have been inspired by the knowledge that folks they never met were crafting alongside them. And we would have been several hats short today. So every single member of Five Alarm Fire deserves the credit for this day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. OH, drats, I wanted to send hats.....guess I'll donate locally, sorry Donna. I'm often a day late and a dollar short!!

  2. Michael looked very happy with his new hat. I hope everyone enjoys wearing their hats this winter. Your class did a great job. I'm impressed with the different style of hats they knitted.


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