Sunday, March 4, 2012


Before I left to go to Pittsburgh last week I had intended to make Marty a cake for his lunch pail; my good intentions failed.  Instead of putting everything away, I gathered up all the supplies (except perishables of course) and placed them together on a corner of the island ready to go upon my return.
A short time ago I turned on the oven, cleared the counter and got ready to make the cake.  Greased & floured the pan, got the eggs and sour cream out of the fridge, put the beaters in the mixer and was ready to roll except for one thing; I couldn't find my regular mixing bowl.  I started looking for it-- not where it normally belongs, not in dishwasher, not on island shelves, not in an odd cupboard (sometimes Marty puts things away for me), not anywhere.  I started down the stairs to wake Marty from a nap to ask him if he knew where the bowl was, I glanced back for some reason and guess what, I saw the bowl hiding in plain sight :-)

What a dork I am !!  Crazy when you can't see the forest for the tree, eh?  That's my humor for the day!

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  1. It happens to the best of us.
    Lunch pail. I haven't heard it called that in a very long time. Thank you for brining back the memory of my Nanny packing my Poppop lunch pail before he left for work. When he came home there was always a pickle in it for me. :-)


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