Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let's get started

Today I'm going to start my Christmas card making project.  Marty & I decided to give everyone, except the small fry, a gift card for Christmas this year.  Though I love, love receiving gift cards, they can be a rather blah gift to open, so I decided to spice them up a little with hand crafted cards.  I plan to make the card, insert the gift card and then wrap the card as the gift with a festive bow.  Maybe I'll make bows too, I love them on packages, but I don't want to overwhelm myself.  The day loses some of it's luster when I'm still wrapping at 3AM Christmas morning.  Christ's birth is the reason for the season and I want to welcome the celebration of that gift with a smile!

Some card making supplies to get me started

Creative is not my middle name nor is it any part of my name but I can follow directions well.  I saw a great example of a gift card holder card in the November 2010 issue of CardMaker Magazine, I'm going to use that as my start off template and evolve from there.  Given a good example, I am able to change it up and add a bit of myself to the end result.  I have lots of "this and that" laying around in my craft room, so I can embellish from my personal stash once I get going.  I'm excited to do this, I'm proud of myself for getting started today instead of waiting until December 23rd.  I have at least 15 cards to make (BIG family) and I'm sure the first card and probably the 2nd & 3rd cards won't make me happy, so I figure I'll be making 20 or 25 cards before I'm done.
Best wishes to all other crafters as you begin your quest to finish projects intended to be under, around or on the Christmas tree this month.  Rub your neck, stand up, stretch, bend over and go outside for a breath of fresh air........if all those thing fail to give a second wind............go to bed!!

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