Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm listening, I think.

I need to vent.  This could be a long drawn out story and a bit boring, so I'll try to hit the high spots and then I ask a question.
I don't have cell service where I live or where I work.  I have shared this information with my family and friends at least 1000 times.  OK, maybe it's less than 1000 times but I know I've shared it a lot, repeatedly.
A friend arranged  to meet me at 7A at a local restaurant to accept my check in exchange for some items in her possession. I'm up early, shower, dress, start to drive the 10 minutes to the arranged meeting spot.  Part way there, about the 7 minute mark, cell service becomes available; I turn on my cell phone.  I hear the little dings begin, glance at the phone and notice text messages are highlighted, I pull over.  Honest. I do; I'm not capable of reading, texting and driving!  There is a text message from her that says....."so sorry can't make it in the  morning, something has come up, yada, yada, yada.  I'll catch you later."
This message was sent at 7pm Friday evening to my cell phone.  Could someone please tell me why she did something so foolish?  I do have a land line and you know what, it works 99% of the time AND my friend, amazing as this may seem; my number is in the phone book.  You do remember what a phone book is, don't you?   VENTING done :)

Now the question---I'm just a bit mad as I find a place to turn my truck around and head back home. But I'm also a generally sunny person, so my shiny side says, OK, you're up, let's get something started when you get home, you've got a head start on the day.  After another mile or two, another thought pops into my head.  Is God trying to tell me or show me something that is some how related to what just happened?  How do we know if God is trying to tell you something?  Is the fact that the idea popped into your head in the first place proof enough and if it is, how can I figure out what He's trying to say?  I have rerun the morning through my head several times and can't come up an answer.

Today I'm still thinking about it.  I have come up with a couple little things that might relate but nothing that really says, "Pay attention".  Perhaps, some where down the road I'll find out, but in the mean time, please remember, I don't have cell service at my house!

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  1. Not having cell service is an awful feeling. Its amazing how we all became so dependent on cell phones. I saw in your profile that you are a fan of the Flyers. I live near philly and my son plays hockey.


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