Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Yarn Swap

I love swaps, especially the swaps set up by Emily at Yarn Miracle!  Received my swap box all the way from Montana on Saturday, 4/12, while I was away having fun with my sisters. My dear husband hinted I had a package.  Finally sat down last night about 10 pm and opened it...WOW!
Great pattern and purple (do I have to repeat, my fave) yarn and Becky thoughtfully included a cute little wind chime, highlighted with a purple dragonfly.  She also sent a grow strawberry, a needle case with 2 needles, Wrapture no rinse delicate wash w/jasmine oil (it smells great!), and some caramels and tea that are local from her area in Montana!  The postcard contains a nice message from Becky and I'm going to steal that idea for my next swap :)  The only thing you don't see is a mini lint roller which is already in my purse.  Becky and I both have cats and understand the value of lint rollers :)  All this carefully enclosed in pretty turquoise polka dot tissue paper. Thanks Becky and Emily!!

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