Monday, April 14, 2014

Sisters Weekend

Last night (4/12) was sister night for April.  My two sisters and I spent the morning and early afternoon at a local quilt show, then headed to the casino for an overnight adventure.  We aren't dedicated gamblers though we have spent a 20 or 2 on a occasion but not this time.  We agreed to take our 'fat clothes'(translate elastic waist pants and baggy T) and a portable project, for our afternoon entertainment.  Jan brought cross stitch, Melia brought sewing and I knit.  We spent the time prior to dinner solving world affairs, both public and private. Then gussied up a bit, enjoyed a wonderful buffet dinner then off to the entertainment for the evening, Kevin Costner and Modern West .  Candidly, we were more interested in seeing Kevin Costner than we were listening to his music, but guess what, he/they put on a great show!!  We really enjoyed it and the evening was a lot of fun.
Went to the all night cafe for dessert and a beverage and met some nice folks standing in the line.  Because we're members, we were seated before them; "Hey that's not fair" they joked.  We noticed where they were seated later and decide to buy them dessert too.  We stopped at their table as we were leaving and spent a few more minutes chatting.  Turns out they were celebrating a 75th birthday and a coming 50th anniversary :) It was one of those special moments of genuine human connection.  We parted with hugs and smiles and walked away feeling all was right with the world.
Back to our room, fat clothes, projects and talk for several more hours.  Bleary eyed at 7:30 AM Sunday morning, we got up, ordered in room breakfast, which is a luxury that has become a special treat that we all enjoy and talked some more. Beautiful day for the trip home and life returns to 'normal'.  But normal feels better today, I'm closer to my sisters, we each have thoughts to contemplate and it felt good to pay it forward.
For your viewing pleasure --
The view from our room!  The 10th floor.
The beds were very comfortable but the pillows not so much.

We were in the next to the last row in our section :(   He provided some of the audience members a real thrill.  He came to the stage from the back of the facility, walking down the aisle between two sections.  Some of  those lucky souls were an arms length away from Kevin Costner!

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