Monday, October 24, 2011

To Do....DONE

I've been saving pictures until I had time to post.  I'm in York, PA at a Greenways & Trails Conference, I've finished my work, have one ear on the World Series and my eyes on this screen.  A little catch up tonight...
We are working on a stone walk way from the upper deck to the  basement door entryway.  I planted this row of little violas this summer for some color and interest in this area.  They didn't burst into color all summer as I had hoped but they were bright spots now and then when I was walking by on my way to do something.
I had alternate purples & yellows; the purples are my favorites.
Got the windows cleaned and put in place in the potting shed.   This potting shed brings me so much joy.  Every day I  look out my kitchen window and smile.  When I"m down there puttering, I remember being a little girl playing house, I always imagined a little place to call my own, a place just for I have it!
I planted my purple clematis (on the trellis, it's hard to see) and two low level ground covers.  This is a problem area for me  as far as gardening, so I hope these plants will grow & flourish.

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