Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pictures from Philadelphia

3 weeks with no internet at home.  Brought laptop to work today for several reasons, one of which to upload some pictures.
My sister Jan, my nephew Derek and his girlfriend Jackie

Big buildings are fascinating to me, especially those that are odd shaped

The steps!

The Philadellphia skyline.
I did not make it to the LYS nor did we wash windows, it rained!!  We walked from my nephew's apartment down to Rittenhouse Square, lovely, lovely place, I would enjoy that park if I lived in Phila.  Walked on to the Museum of Art, took photos, climbed the infamous 71 Rocky Balboa stairs, more pictures, went inside, enjoyed some refreshments in the café, viewed several of the rooms/exhibits.  One I particularly wanted to see, Costumes & Textiles was closed but I enjoyed several others.  Some of the paintings were unbelievable, could have stayed for several days.  Walked on to a Whole Foods store, what a place!!  We bought food for lunch (late lunch, like 2pm) and other items for supper, got caught in a light rain shower, no umbrellas and every taxi was full.  My nephew was more upset than his mother & I were, all part of the adventure to us.  We did get a taxi before we were dripping wet and it did make carrying the packages home much nicer.  It was a very relaxing time and very educational as well.  Look forward to visiting again, hopefully next time I will visit the nearby yarn shop.

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