Sunday, March 20, 2011


Is a word that strikes fear in the heart of this mere mortal!  Marty & I have lived in our "new" house since April 30, 2002,which could probably qualifiy it as an old house now.  We've moved furniture in, out and around; added, changed and planned landscaping; built, redesigned and removed storage areas but I have not been able to figure out how to "decorate".... I have no theme, no color palette, basically bare walls and no idea what to do!!

Today I invited 3 brilliant, talented, creative, crafty, resourceful and gifted people to my house for lunch and a decorating consultation.   Two of these three guests are my younger (Lord that pains me) sisters and the third is my youngest sisters' (I only have 2) daughter, who is just as brilliant, talented, creative and gifted as her mother!! 

I am fully aware that envy can lead to personal problems but I admit, I want what all three of them have--- beautifully decorated, warm and inviting homes!!

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