Thursday, July 14, 2011

5 weeks ago!

It's been 5 weeks since I've posted on this blog!  Not that I was an every day posting kind of girl but wow, 5 weeks!  Because something similiar just came up in conversation, I'm really not that surprised.  My sister asked me at dinner last night "when was the last time you posted on Facebook?"  February 2011.  I'd say I"m out of my routine.  Did I truly have one, as I look back, not really.  Routines are funny things, once you get out of one, it's not a routine any more and often you don't even realize you're out of it until someone like your sister brings it up. Both of my sisters write on FB every day, sometimes more than once and usually at the same time everyday; they have a routine. I like routines.  I think I function better following a routine.  I am more productive with a routine both at work and at home but I can't seem to stick to a routine.  Do you have a daily, weekly, monthly routine, if so, what, for how long and what keeps you sticking to it?

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